Hello From Thailand!

Hi everyone,

Look who sent a photo for the blog!

Grace and Luca are having a fantastic time in Bangkok, but missing all their friends here at Caxton. They send a massive hello from the other side of the world to all their friends and teachers (especially Ms Climent, who Grace said was amazing).  If you know any of their friends in secondary please show it to them (or children lower down the school). Post a message or question to them here. Also, Grace – you can post here too and tell us all about your adventures. I hope you are all having a fabulous time. I love Bangkok,








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  1. grace dileonardo

    hello from thailand!

  2. Elena 6A

    Elena 6a hi Grace I hope you are having fun

  3. Luna 6c

    Hi Grace! I miss you. Hope you’re enjoying Thailand!

  4. Inés

    Hi grace, I miss you!

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