Terrific Technology at Caxton


Here are some fabulous technology projects that Nuria and Marc have created in their free time. Nuria’s has created a great game using Scratch (block based coding)  and Marc’s is using a text based coding language Python! Very adventurous! A purple form for both of them.


Hello From Thailand!


´All Different – All Equal` Week


  1. Alvaro G

    Alvaro 6c very good you too.

  2. Laura 6C

    I loved the 2 videos , they were fantastic .

  3. NURIA 6A

    It was very fun to build up all the programing blocks, one by one, and get to that magnificent result of a Scratch game.

  4. NURIA 6A

    Marc, your video was impressive. I liked a lot how you explained very clearly what that aplication does. Well Done! You did a very nice job.

    • caxtoncollege

      Thanks Nuria – that’s very kind of you. I’m sure Marc’s bucket is full to the brim! You’re video was fab too.

  5. Irene N 6A

    Nuria your video game looks so cool you make them better than an adult could do them .

  6. Nuria 6A

    My bucket is filled now! Thanks Irene!

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