Month: December 2017

Caxton’s Fab 500 Word Competition


Hi everyone,

Here are some details about the competition that Mr Pickford is kindly organising. The link below will take to to the Dropbox folder with all the details and lots of resources to help you create your best writing ever!

The best of luck!





Let’s Get Creative Caxton!

Here are some more humorous  photos to get you all thinking. What could be happening? Make up a little story and post it here. Get creative and remember VCOP! Obviously, the best ones will get purple forms and it should really help you to improve your creative writing. Look back at old posts if you want some inspiration and I would suggest typing it into to Pages (or a similar app) first, so you can check your spellings using the spell check function. Good luck!


Christmas at Caxton (well, with Y6C)

Ho Ho Ho!!! Christmas Advertisements

Hi all,

It seems to be a tradition now to create lovely adverts at Christmas time in the UK. We’ve posted lots previously, but  totally missed the one starring Kevin the carrot last year… So, here’s last years and this years (plus a few more). Please comment on what you like about them, how you think the music or narrator  adds to the impact, how it makes you feel or any other positive thoughts you have about Christmas! Do you have similar ones in Spain (or whatever country you originate from)?  Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s one that actually isn’t the official advert – but I find it emotive and heart warming…

Robotics in Y6


Here are a few examples of what we have been doing in Computing this term. Y5s, we will be learning how to code (using Scratch) and making Lego robots next term. Please let me know if you have been doing any extra computing/technology work at home.

Christmas is Coming!!!

Here are the Reps decorating the Christmas tree and some of the ‘Guinea Gang’getting festive with Bubble and Squeek. Looks like fun!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and friends back in England at Christmas. What are you looking forward to at Christmas?

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