Month: January 2018

Y5 Scratch Project – Week 3 Backgrounds

Hi everyone,

Here is the next video. Obviously, I don’t expect you to remember all of it, but you must watch it all! It is part of your homework. Then in class we can get straight on with the coding and I don’t have to do any talking at the beginning of the lesson.

Remember, you can always have a play around with the Scratch MIT on-line version. There is also a free app for your iPad that is called Pyonkee. It is similar to Scratch, but I find it much easier to use a PC or laptop for this kind of project.

Have a lovely weekend.

An Optical Illusion – Refraction of Light (bending)


Here’s a little video of an optical illusion from Malena,  Carlos, Lucas & Nuria in Y6A. It’s very interesting… but can you explain what is happening? Maybe a photo of a diagram or another video would explain it better (put it in the ‘Mr Fraser – work for the blog’ folder in Google Drive). A purple form for the best explanation!

Well done Malena,  Carlos, Lucas & Nuria!


Congratulations Carlos!

Well done Carlos Y6C!!! Amazingly, he won a competition, for Valencian pilota, that included participants from the whole of the Valencian community! He must be so proud. I would imagine that he has had to show lots of perseverance (the value on the wall to the right of him) to achieve this.

Remember, if you have any achievements that you would like to share with us, please let us know and we can show how wonderful you have been on the blog.

Y5 Scratch Game Programming – Week 2

Hi everyone,

Please make sure you watch these videos below before the computing lesson next week. There is a pop up phrase in a speech bubble in one of them. Try to remember it, as I will ask what it was in the lesson. I made them with the previous version of Scratch – so they will look a little different, but the code will be the same.

Have a look at the website if you want to do extra work or get muddled. Good luck!


Timestables Superstars!

Congratulations to Y5D – they all now know their tables really well! And don’t they look pleased…  What a lovely photo!

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