Month: February 2018

An Extra Scratch Video

Hi there,

Here’s another video about how to create a points scoring system and how to gain points by ‘picking up’ or changing certain sprites in your maze.

This is an extra challenge and you should only be attempting this if the 2 players (sprites ) are working correctly, the 3rd sprite is automatically pointing and moving towards the first sprite and the sprites don’t move through the platform (minimum S2S).

If you make any games with the online version of Scratch 2.0, please show me them. They could be used for the Digital Learning competition too!!!

Digital Learning Day Competition

As it was digital learning day last week, we’ve decided to have competition. It can be absolutely anything – a keynote, Scratch game, iMovie, PowerPoint, Prezi… anything. And what’s more, it can be about anything you want; technology, dogs, space, football, ballet… anything. The due date will be after Easter and there will be a small prize.  Good luck!!!


Y5 Scratch – Adding a Timer

Here’s a very short video about how to add a variable (something that changes). In this case it’s a timer. Only try this if everything else is working perfectly please.

Pepo’s Excellent Enthusiasm!

Here are some photos of extra work that Pepo in Y6A has done in his spare time. I absolutely love it! Remember, if you do anything interesting – please share it with us all. Also, what do you think of Pepo’s science work? I particularly like his working periscope.  With his excellent attitude, I’m extremely  confident he will be very successful when he goes to Secondary.  Well done Pepo!!!



Y5 Scratch – Creating a Second Sprite.


Here is the video for this week. Don’t forget to listen to the strange phrase.

And here’s an extra video to show how to create a sprite that will automatically follow the other sprite. If you are finding it tricky to get the activities done in class – then you don’t have to watch this one. It’s an extra challenge!



Y5 Scratch – Week 4 ‘blocking’ the platforms


Here’s your homework for this week. It seemed like everyone watched the video last week, however lots of  people didn’t watch it completely! Please make sure you watch until the end, then we can start coding straight away in the lesson. There is an unusual phrase somewhere in the video for you to look out for. I will be asking about it in class.

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