Y5 Scratch – Week 4 ‘blocking’ the platforms


Here’s your homework for this week. It seemed like everyone watched the video last week, however lots of  people didn’t watch it completely! Please make sure you watch until the end, then we can start coding straight away in the lesson. There is an unusual phrase somewhere in the video for you to look out for. I will be asking about it in class.


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  1. Lara Y5B

    I will remember.
    The elephants are coming.
    See you next week in computing.Bye.

    • caxtoncollege

      Thanks – I didn’t post this last week, as then everyone would have known the phrases. See you next week and look out for the new phrase.

  2. Adrian 5C

    I opened a door to an adult.

  3. Jaime

    I love how you make it
    Oh! and don’t worry if your computer 💻 is slow


    • caxtoncollege

      Thanks Jaime. I think it’s when I use the app to video my screen – then Scratch seems to run very, very slowly.

  4. Rodrigo A 5D

    Thanks Mr Fraser I loved the video but I still can’t manage to put the rainforest/jungle background in.

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi – I’ll help you in class next week. Maybe it’s the file type – it needs to be an image file.

  5. Alejandra

    Wow that’s amazing!!!!

  6. Blanca p.

    I love that the game has a character to chase the other one, it’s amazing mr Fraser.

  7. Pepe

    Thanks for the magnificent videos

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