How Can we Help Reduce Our Impact Upon the Environment?

Hi all,

Do you ever think about the amount of rubbish we create each and every day? I know I do. Especially the amount of plastic that finds it’s way into the oceans.

After listening to Ms Robleh and Nacho’s amazing ‘Earth Hour’  assembly to the Y5s on Friday, I truly feel we should all start to reduce our impact on our wonderful planet as much as possible. Below is a clip from the fantastic BBC series ‘Blue Planet 2’. It breaks my heart to see the whale trying to eat a plastic bucket – thinking it’s food!

Lots of you had some wonderful ideas about how we can reduce the amount of materials and resources we waste. Think about all the excellent ideas in the assembly and share some of them on here. It all starts with one person… you.  If it grows and grows it can become millions or even billions of people – and then we can really have a positive  impact.


An Extra Scratch Video


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  1. My ideas for having the environment save are recycling and turning off the light when you are not in.

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