Month: April 2018

Y6 Week 2 Scratch Video

Y6 Scratch Project – Making a Game for the Y2s

Hi everyone,

Here is a video, from quite a few years ago now, to show  the style of game you will be creating. We were very impressed with your programming skills with the Rain Forest game you all created last year – so, I   can’t wait to see the Y2s playing the game that you created especially for them.  The first part of the coding project is on the video below it. Remember there are lots of tutorials on the Scratch MIT website and hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube if you want to improve your coding skills.



Digital Learning Competition Update

Hi everyone,

So far we have received one fantastic entry (thanks Charlie and Raphy – an excellent historical presentation using a green screen), so make sure you get your entries in as soon as possible. See the information below if you want to create a mini project or enter one you have already created. Please save  them in the ‘Work for the Blog’ folder in the Google Drive and let me know you’ve put them in there.


As it was digital learning day last term, we’ve decided to have competition. It can be absolutely anything – a keynote, Scratch game, iMovie, PowerPoint, Prezi… anything. And what’s more, it can be about anything you want; technology, dogs, space, football, ballet… anything. The due date will be after Easter and there will be a small prize.  Good luck!!!

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