Y6 Scratch Project – Making a Game for the Y2s

Hi everyone,

Here is a video, from quite a few years ago now, to show  the style of game you will be creating. We were very impressed with your programming skills with the Rain Forest game you all created last year – so, I   can’t wait to see the Y2s playing the game that you created especially for them.  The first part of the coding project is on the video below it. Remember there are lots of tutorials on the Scratch MIT website and hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube if you want to improve your coding skills.




Digital Learning Competition Update


Y6 Week 2 Scratch Video


  1. Laura 6C

    Amazing , I can’t wait to start this project.

    • caxtoncollege

      I’m glad you are looking forward to it. You all did so well with your games when you were in Y5!

  2. Laura 6C

    Amazing , I can’t wait to start this project .

  3. Hugo

    Hugo 6-c

    That’s awesome. Mr. Freaser

  4. Asier M

    I am impatient to start this project.

  5. Charlotte

    Cool, can’t wait 😊 I’m sooooo happy!

    • caxtoncollege

      I’m really glad you are motivated for it. The Y2s absolutely love it when they come in and play their games you’ve created!

    • grace dileonardo

      Hi Charlotte! It’s Grace!

  6. Javier 6c

    Thanks Mr Fraser! I can’t wait any more!!
    Good Video

  7. Pablo 6C

    I think I’m going to love this project.

  8. Asier n 6c

    I can’t wait to start the project

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