Y6 Week 2 Scratch Video


Y6 Scratch Project – Making a Game for the Y2s


Y6 Scratch – Creating and Coding a Target


  1. Fran.F

    I can’t wait to see year2 pictures and make the game!

  2. Irene N

    You explain it with detail and that makes me be better at technology . Thanks ! I understand it 100%!

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi – I’m so glad it’s easy to understand. Thanks Irene.

  3. Laura 6C

    I also can’t wait to see the year 2 pictures . Thanks , Mr Fraser for helping us so much with technolgy .

  4. Charlotte

    Can’t wait to do this!

  5. Asier n 6c

    I can’ t wait to seee year2 pictures and make the game .

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