Month: September 2018

Y6 Computing – Using Word/Google Docs

Here’s a video from a few years ago. Your class may use Google Docs/Sheets, but it is very similar to Word and EXCEL. Good luck.

The 100 is Coming…. But What Is It?

What could it be? Have you seen some posters around school? A hundred what? Well, my attention have certainly been grabbed.  A purple form for the most entertaining, inventive idea of what it could be. But make sure you expand your ideas and give detail. Explain WHY.

Are You Up For The Kindness Challenge?

So, how are you getting on with the challenge? Let us know what you have done and what positive effects it has had.

Welcome Back and Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday! We are all very excited to see you all back at school and hope that you are all full of enthusiasm for the new school year.

Today, as you probably know, is Roald Dahl Day, so please let us know what your favourite Roald Dahl book is and why. I think mine is probably Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is full of humour, has a sprinkling of danger, lots of suspense and of course is a fabulously constructed story. I love both the movies that have been made too, however, I have a particular fondness for the old one due to watching it as a child.

So, which Roald Dahl book do you think is a real page-turner and you would highly recommend it to someone in your year group?

Happy blogging and remember to read the blog rules before writing a comment.



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