Are You Up For The Kindness Challenge?

So, how are you getting on with the challenge? Let us know what you have done and what positive effects it has had.


Welcome Back and Happy Roald Dahl Day!


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  1. Paty

    I gave a smile to a random person

  2. Marta 5D

    My book is Because of the Wind Dixie. My kindness sugestiones say please and thank you and make everyone smile.

  3. Sofia

    My favorite Roald Dahl book is George’s marvelous medicine but my favorite book of all is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

  4. Corey

    I like the Twits because it is very funny 😂

  5. Rodrigo CH

    I’m reading my first Roald Dahl book Whitch is Charlie and the chocolate factory .

  6. Alexandra

    Say please and Thank You to everyone

  7. Joan 6D

    I am reading Charlie and the chocolate factory and I’m excited to read the book.

  8. Nerea 6D

    Hello I have did the challenge number 1. , 2. , 4. And number 5.

  9. All the Y6 teachers thanked the Y6 students for behaving beautifully in the dining room at lunchtime. They were very sensible lining up, polite collecting their food and chatted quietly to each other like young adults. Well done.

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