The 100 is Coming…. But What Is It?

What could it be? Have you seen some posters around school? A hundred what? Well, my attention have certainly been grabbed.  A purple form for the most entertaining, inventive idea of what it could be. But make sure you expand your ideas and give detail. Explain WHY.


Are You Up For The Kindness Challenge?


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  1. Diego I

    I think there are a 100 flying cakes coming. 🎂 🍰🎂🍰

  2. Mario.C

    I think there are coming 100 books to school.

  3. Carmen

    I think the 100 means the school is 100 hundred years old.

    • caxtoncollege

      Could be, but I think it’s about 30 years old… maybe you could check that for me?

  4. Adriana 6D

    Think it is the 100 word challenge…


    I think they are 💯 ANTS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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