Month: February 2019

Digital Learning Day Competition

As it is digital learning day today, we’ve decided to have competition. It can be absolutely anything – a keynote, Scratch game, iMovie, PowerPoint, Prezi… anything. And what’s more, it can be about anything you want; technology, dogs, space, football, ballet… anything. The due date will be after Easter and there will be a small prize.  Good luck!!!


Extra Challenges

Here’s some of the Techno Team trying out extra challenges.









Last Week of Robotics for Y5

Going For Goals!!!

Do you have a growth mindset? See if you can answer the problem on the video above.

Also, let us know what your goals are for this year. I’ll start us off… I’m going to try and run a 10 km race in December… I will have to build my stamina little by little!

Random Acts of Kindness Week


Why not be extra kind this week (and every week) and post on here if you’ve been kind to someone or if someone has been kind to you. Remember, in a world that you can be anything – be kind!


The Challenge This Week – Week 3 on the video



The next challenge is using a tilt sensor – so please watch week 3 video before the lesson. However, If you didn’t finish the motion sensor task, please do that first (Week 2 video).


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