Random Acts of Kindness Week


Why not be extra kind this week (and every week) and post on here if you’ve been kind to someone or if someone has been kind to you. Remember, in a world that you can be anything – be kind!



The Challenge This Week – Week 3 on the video


Going For Goals!!!


  1. Corey M.

    I have helped my friends when they have needed me I have been doing chores at home for my mum. For example: making my bed taking out the bin and watering our plants.

  2. Corey M.

    R esponsible answers
    A nd kind
    N ice to my friends
    D o my homework
    O n task
    M aximized kindness

    By Corey

    • caxtoncollege

      What a fabulous acrostic poem Corey. I’m going to give you a purple form for all your positivity and blogging!!!

  3. Corey M.

    I love ❤️ kindness

  4. Iris 5A

    I hope that kindness will spread all over the world 🌎!!

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