Month: March 2019

Earth Hour

Hi all,

So, are you ready to take a challenge and make a promise to help the environment? If we work together, we CAN make a difference. Let us know what you are going to try and do to save our wonderful planet!!!

Here’s the fantastically informative video that our hardworking Eco Warriors created.

More Scratch – Not Passing Through the Platform and Adding a Second Sprite


Our Fantastic Choir!!!

Here they are having a practice before Fallas. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great performance and they look like they are really enjoying it too!


A Bit of Fun!

What do you think of this video? Does anyone know where the original soundtrack came from? (Tip – maybe ask your parents…)

Excellent Electric Board-games

Look at these fabulous games that Valeria and Adriana have created! I’m sure it will really help them to remember all the tricky electricity vocabulary and symbols. Well done girls!

Y5 Scratch – Creating a Background for Your Game

Share any tips you have as to how to improve your background.

Y5 Week 1 Part 2 – Change Direction – Then Move



Y5 Scratch Game Week 1

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