Month: December 2019

The Next Amazing Article!!!

 What Will Be The Future Of The Cat’s Cradle?

Amazingly, the cat’s cradle trend is sweeping across Caxton College primary like a wildfire. When our reporters inspected the playground, children everywhere were hunched over the brightly  coloured strings making different patterns and shapes. We sent our reporters to investigate the weird, but wonderful trend.


Interestingly, the cats cradle trend is not a new one, as you could find out if you asked your parents. However, at Caxton it is, and your parents might not have used the bright colours seen today. We spoke to Mrs Gillespie who told us, ‘my friends and I used them when we were little, little and was 37 years ago!’ This tells us that new technology is not always the best way to play.


The history of cat’s cradle dates back to Ancient China, 1768 to be exact. In China it is known as Fang Sheng (meaning turning rope), and its popularity soon spread around the globe to places like the UK where it is called ‘catch cradle’ and the US as ‘Jack Pulpit.’ The game includes two or more players making a sequence of string figures, each player altering the figure made by the previous player. It is widely known as one of the oldest games in human history.


Back to Caxton, our reporters caught up with the Primary Assistant Head, Mr Fraser, who gave us an exclusive about his view of the future of the trend. Mr Fraser told us ‘it is great to see children playing new and different games on the playground, however if we continue to find people playing with them unsafely, we will put restrictions or potentially ban them.’ Shockingly, he told us, some children were playing football with the string around their necks. Play safe children and the trend will survive. 


So what will be the future of the cat’s cradle at Caxton? Will it go the same way as football cards and fidget spinners? Or will it out last them all……

By Amelie 6A

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Kindness Week – by Special Guest Editors

Hi everyone,

I am absolutely delighted to publish the post below. It’s an article that is going to be published in our very own Caxton newspaper. The expert writers are Rosa and Olivia and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is splendid writing! There will be more contributions shortly, the next one is about the ‘Cat’s Cradle’ – which are the strings that are incredibly popular now. Please post your thoughts.

A sprinkle of kindness in Caxton 

Kindness is a virtue, everyone needs it in their life. At Caxton, we celebrate it for a week, but does really allow us to recognise differences and our positive traits.

Each year, kindness week gets more effective, more pupils are eager to participate. You may ask what kindness week is? It is the brainchild of Ms Stenhouse and it involves children and adults acting out a series of good deeds at a school or at their home, this includes giving compliments, remembering manners, helping our fellow children and adults and being kind. It all finishes off with one fabulous odd socks day which is a day to have a laugh and recognise our differences with our strange, colourful odd socks.

We were lucky enough to interview primary headteacher Ms Stenhouse, who told us that each year kindness week gets more impactful than the last! She spoke about, ‘the role odd socks plays in recognising how difference is a great thing!’

You may wonder why we need kindness week? When everyone should be kind anyway? Our research shows us that we all need a reminder, as sometimes we get complacent and carried away, and this spectacular week gives us an opportunity to re-remember what it is to be kind.

Don’t let the end of kindness week be the end of your kindness!

Written by Rosa C and Olivia M

Caxton College British School