Month: February 2020

Y5 Scratch – Adding a Score

Scratch -How to Add ‘Game Over’

Hi there,

Here’s the video about how to get the game to end when the timer gets to Zero. Good luck.


Y5 Scratch – Adding a Timer

Here’s the next video, we can add to this and get it to say ´GAME OVER’ when the time runs out.

Mindset Moment

Think about a mindset moment you have had in the past few days!

It can be academic or personal (sports, family, friends).

Remember Growth Mindset is when you know you can try harder – NOT giving up or doing the bare minimum.

Growth Mindset is when you want to keep learning!

Share your Growth Mindset moment on the blog.

Safer Internet Day – Poster and Video

Hi everyone,

Here’s a poster a couple of the Reps made and also a video that we shared with you in class. It gave me an idea – maybe you’d like to make an internet safety video… It could help you with your editing skills Y6 and Y5s it would really help you develop your iPad skills! Great for the Oscars… Acting, stop-start amination, anything. GET CREATIVE!!!



Safer Internet Day! Fancy Making a Poster?

Hi there,

Today is the annual Safer Internet Day, and you should be learning how to do that in today and in upcoming talks. However, as you know, we strive to be safe every single day (online and offline). Could you help to get this important message across? Don’t forget to be persuasive! It can be digital (save in the Google Drive folder – Work for the Blog) or on paper. Also, don’t forget you have the ‘Help’ App on your ipad if anything is concerning you.

Y5 Scratch Project – Making a Second Sprite

Hi, as some pupils have shown excellent computational thinking and great perseverance – here’s the next video. However, make sure you have done all the other tasks on the other videos (inserting a background, not going through platforms etc) before you do this one. Well done to everyone who is ready for this. If you are finding it a little tricky – why not just re-watch the videos and have a play around on the online version…

Y5 Scratch Project – Not Passing Through the Platforms

In this video, we introduce the concept of conditionals. It’s a little tricky to understand – but you can do it! Remember ‘IF… THEN…’. Just like in your writing (eg IF I work hard, THEN I get positive Dojos).

Techno Team – Fun!

Here’s a little video of the Lego WeDo robots being used at lunchtime. We are using trial and error to improve our robots. I really like how they have been using the gear systems we looked at in the first term to make more powerful robots.

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