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Disgusting Dave Pt 14

Disgusting Dave Pt 13 (plus a bonus video)

Hi – don’t forget, if you missed some of the videos previously, please go back in the blog and watch them, otherwise it will be difficult to understand what is happening in the story. Thanks

Here are some photos from the trip.

The small boat we slept on for 3 nights in the jungle – lots of crocodiles were in the river…

Check it out – this orangutang has a little baby on her shoulders!

This is Tom – the big boss! 120 kg of muscle – we had to run away (in a zig-zag pattern) whenever he came near.

These are from a photo book we made – so the quality isn’t very good…

My friend took with photo of a tarsier – isn’t it cute…


Disgusting Dave Pt 12

Ms Stenhouse’s Video on World Book Day (plus Bookmark Winners)

Disgusting Dave Pt 11

Disgusting Dave Pt 10 (second video is a little bit at the end – my iPad crashed… too full)


World Book Day

Hi there,

Here we are dressed as crayons!!! This is one of the books Ms Sayce has been reading to Y1 & 2. If you have any photos of you in your costume – put them in the Google Drive folder – Work for the Blog, but please let me know on here.

PS I used 2 apps to make this – one is obvious…. but what could the other be and what did I use it for?

Disgusting Dave Pt 9

Disgusting Dave Pt 8

Earth Day (22nd of April)

Hi there,

Please watch the video about Earth Day from Ms Robleh – it is very informative.

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