Amazing Art – Can you Create Some?

Hi there,

Just look at this fantastic (watercolour?) painting that Mateo in Y6C has created! It’s brilliant – well done Mateo! Do you think it’s a Blue Whale? Is it Mateo? Please send me your art to post on the blog. Put it in the ‘Work for the Blog’ folder in your Google Drive and let me know on here that you’ve added it. Also, I’d love to see other short stories/descriptions that anyone has written.


The Flesh-Eating Maggots Chapter 2


The Flesh-Eating Maggots – Chapter 3


  1. Love the art I’m going to try maybe 😂😂😂

  2. Wow its beautiful! Mateo has talent! I like the colores and it seems like he has done it with water paints! Wow! Congratulations Mateo!

  3. I have chrome! But I didn’t install it. Did ICT do it?

  4. I tried bug club on chrome and it works! Tell ICT that I’m thankful for the gift they gave me on my iPad! Thank you! Can we meet again today? So i can share my screen 📺 so you can see how things are going? With bug club?

    • caxtoncollege

      Sure – 5 pm (the time in Spain) OK? I’ve got a meeting first. I’ll pass on your thanks to IT.

  5. Teresa

    I can’t make that, I love it.

  6. Bárbara

    It is amazing!

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