Feel Good Friday!!!

Hi there – hope you all have a magnificent Friday and an even better weekend!!! I will post any of the other teacher’s photos as I get them. If you want me to add yours – pop it in the Drive folder and ket me know on here that you’ve done it.

Here’s Ms Sadler looking fabulous! Thanks Ms Sadler – olè! (Not sure the accent is the correct way…)



Flesh-Eating Maggots – Ch 4


Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 5


  1. Teresa

    They look super pretty

  2. You look awesome 😎!
    My accessories were long earrings that my mom gave me, a fancy bracelet and a necklace that I have.

  3. Bárbara


  4. Sara 6D

    Wow 🤩! You all look amazing, and those filters are like magically awesome.

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