A Puzzle For You to Solve… (nothing to do with maggots!)


Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 8


Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 9


  1. Teresa

    I think the can get the hen first so the hen dosen’t eat The corn 🌽 then he gets the fox and then he gets the corn 🌽
    I’m am right ?? What other solución could we have ??? 😍😍🌈🌈
    What will be tomorrow’s things rainbow 🌈 day acesory day crazy 😜 hair ….., ??

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi Teresa, but when he leaves the fox on the other side, it’ll gobble the poor chicken up! Think again, show perseverance and you will do it! It is rather tricky though…

      • caxtoncollege

        Oh, and it’s inside out and back to front (or even upside down) day.

  2. Aitana

    first he gets the chicken the he gets the fox finally he gets the corn.

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi Aitana – but when he leaves the fox with the chicken, he’ll gobble the poor chicken up… Have another think.

  3. Teresa 😜

    It was a bit tricky but I think I have solved it 😄😄

  4. Teresa😜

    He gets first the chicken because the fox dosen’t eat the corn !! And the corn can’t eat he fox 🦊

    • caxtoncollege

      Yes, but you have to get them all across… and only 1 ‘thing’ at a time in the boat… Have another think.

    • caxtoncollege

      Taking the chicken first is correct, but there are lots more steps to this difficult problem…

      • Teresa😜

        Then he takes the corn and then the corn or first the fox and then the corn ?

  5. Hugo 7d

    Getting the chicken and leaving the fox and the corn. Hi Mr Fraser, I was bored and I decided to look at the blog. How are you?

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi Hugo – it’s so lovely to hear from you!!! I’m great, and even better now I’ve had a message from you. I hope you and your family are healthy and happy.
      Nope – it’s a tricky problem. You can only take one ‘thing’ at a time in the boat, but you have to get them all across the river… Think about it, you can do it!

  6. That is impossible! How can I do that?!?

    • caxtoncollege

      It’s certainly possible. You have to show perseverance! You can do it!

  7. Ok let me think 🤔. So first he gets the chicken and get it across. Then he goes back and take the fox and get it across. Then he goes back and takes the corn and get it across.

    Am I right? Please tell me?!?

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi – he can’t leave the fox and the chicken together… He could take something back though – that’s a clue…

  8. No! I’m wrong give me another chance. First he gets the chicken. Then he gets the corn. Then he gets the fox. The chicken can’t eat the corn because its in a sack and the chicken cannot take the corn out of the sack! Am I right?

  9. What can he take back?!? He has to take everything one by one ☝️. Tell me how!

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