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The Flesh-Eating Maggots – Chapter 3

Amazing Art – Can you Create Some?

Hi there,

Just look at this fantastic (watercolour?) painting that Mateo in Y6C has created! It’s brilliant – well done Mateo! Do you think it’s a Blue Whale? Is it Mateo? Please send me your art to post on the blog. Put it in the ‘Work for the Blog’ folder in your Google Drive and let me know on here that you’ve added it. Also, I’d love to see other short stories/descriptions that anyone has written.

The Flesh-Eating Maggots Chapter 2

There are some pretty disgusting facts in this one… yuk! But interesting.

Flesh-Eating Maggots!!! The Next Disgusting Dave Book!

Crazy Hair Day!!! And Pick The Next Book To Read…

Hi there,

Happy Feel Good Friday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day. Make sure you watch the short story from Amelie that I posted yesterday, it’s a great piece of writing and may inspire you! I’ve read a short story below and given you a choice of 3 books pick from. Here’s a photo of Mr Pickford’s family to fill your bucket. I’ll try and get more of the teachers, I’ll add them below the video.

(By the way – in the story, a ‘cellar’ is a room underneath a house in the UK, usually without any windows)


Ms Sadler hard at work!

How does Ms Montoro’s hair defy gravity!?!

Ms Hamilton looking tickled pink!!!!

Love the bows Ms Palacios!

You look like it’s a shock Ms G – Love it!

A very colourful Ms Zurro!!!

Ms Climent looking very glamorous!

More Amazing Writing from Caxton Kids!!!!

I love suspense and mystery… and this piece of writing by Amelie has masses of it. I think it’s brilliant – hope you agree! Please forgive my attempts at sounding spooky… at least I tried.

The Final Chapter – 24…

Disgusting Dave Pt 23

An Extra Special Story

Hi – no Disgusting Dave today as fortunately, we have an amazing short story written by Rosa in Y6. It is fantastic and I really encourage everyone to listen to it (and read along, as I’ve used a teleprompter app). It might inspire you to get writing, as it has certainly inspired me! Let us know what you think about it, please. Well done superstar writer Rosa!!!


Disgusting Dave – Pt 22

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