Month: October 2020

Thoughtful Thursdays…

Please let us know how you or your friends are thoughtful.

Joke of the Week

I know – it isn’t that funny, but can you do better? Share any jokes you have with us-.

100 Word Challenge!!! Looks Intriguing…

Have you seen the posters around school? It looks very interesting… Do you have any ideas what it is about? Let me know what you think the task is.

Congratulations Paco!!!

A huge congratulations to Paco in Y6, here he is winning the golf competition for the whole of the Valencian Community! We are very proud of you (plus he is the Rep for his class – well done).

Let me know if you are really good at something and I can post your photo too!

Creative Writing

Hi everyone,

Here are a few funny photos to inspire you to get creative. Why not write a short story about what is happening in the picture. Don’t forget to use descriptive language, similes, alliteration, powerful verbs, metaphors, personification etc.

A purple form for the best one! Good luck and get writing!


World Teacher Day

Hi all,

As you know, yesterday was when we all said thank you to all the teachers in school. Here is the lovely video (click on the Drive link below in red) some of you made to fill all the teachers’ buckets. Thank you very much!

And here is the one for the whole school (including Secondary).


Caxton College British School