Thoughtful Thursdays…

Please let us know how you or your friends are thoughtful.


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  1. Teresa😜

    Well, we are thoughtful thinking 💭 things to do in the playground as we can’t go to play with other people and other zones and we can have only a zone not as last year we had an enormous playground to play
    As well in the small areas like 8 it is very difficult to play something as it is really small and needs to fit 27 children and 27 children need to play.
    I hope this ends soon!
    See you soon

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi Maria, we are all trying our best in difficult circumstances. Hopefully, it won’t last too long and we can go back to being able to use the whole playground like before.

  2. Aaden A

    Happy Hallow-eve!!! I miss being in Caxton SOOOOO much! Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Natalia Y5D

    I had a friend that helped me when I fell on the floor.

  4. Carlos

    My friends are thoughtful.

  5. Beltrán

    My friend is thoughtful.

  6. Martín

    My friends help me sometimes to do aeroplane

  7. Toni

    In the patio I fell and a friend helped me to stand up.

  8. Álvaro

    My friends are thoughful

  9. Juan

    My friends help me when I am sad.

  10. Alejandro

    My friends help me when I’m sad.

  11. Alfonso

    I help my friends and some people who I don’t know.

  12. Alfonso

    I help people

  13. Adrián 5d

    My friends are so thoughtful ,Yang Yang ,Arturo and Miguel

  14. Alfonso

    I like to help people when they are sad

  15. Samuel m

    When someone helps me I think he is thoughtful.

  16. Macarena

    I help other people when thy are sad.

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