Christmas Competition!

Well, now the wonderful Y6 Reps have decorated the tree so expertly (the best ever I think)., we can have a little competition to create decorations for the top. There is a star there now, but can you get creative at Christmas and make something festive to put on top? The best ones will be put on the tree and you will receive a purple form! It could be another star, an angel, snowman, Santa, snowflake,  anything Christmassy really… Come on you artists!

So, make it at home and send a photo into the Google Drive folder – Work for the Blog. You can use it for your own home and the winner can go on top of our tree in the last week (after being quarantined of course…)



Ho Ho Ho! It’s December!!!


Delightful Decorations!!!


  1. Valeria

    Hi I know that the espacial visitor is a dove down the tree 🤣🤣

  2. Macarena 5D

    I think I will try it sounds interesting!

  3. Olivia t

    It’s Miss Hetherinton‘s birthday 🎂

  4. Wow it’s so cool

  5. pablo

    I love christmas!

  6. Happy birthday Ms. Hetherington! I miss her so much!

  7. Emma 6C ❄️

    I love the Christmas Tree 🎄

  8. I dont know how to post my entry on the blog.

    • caxtoncollege

      You have to tell me about it and then put it in the Google Drive folder – Work for the Blog. Good luck!

  9. I’m going to try with something else…

  10. Emma 5A👻

    Merry Christmas🎄! I think the tree is fantastic!!

  11. Emma 5A👻

    When’s the dead line?

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