Month: February 2021

Y5 Pyonkee Lesson 1

Digital Learning Day Competition

So, now it’s your turn to be a teacher!!! Make an iMovie (or any other type of media) that will inform your classmates about a topic or subject you love. It could be like the speeches you did for ‘Speak Week’ or any interesting topic you want. You have until after Easter to get it done – so get creative!

A Brilliant Poster About Kindness

Well done Triana – great effort and enthusiasm creating wonderful work on such an important topic! ALWAYS CHOOSE KINDNESS

Please let me know if someone has been kind to you recently (or if you have been kind too).


Safer Internet Week

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all learning lots about how to stay safe online in class this week (and every week). Here is a video our fabulous Reps created and they are going to be making more. Well done Reps – I thought they did a great job and you can see how they made good use of iMovie. What do you think and do you have anything about online safety that they could help you with?

iMovie – Lesson 2 2021

Hi there, here is the second video about video editing. Please ask on here if there is anything else you would like me to explain.  Hope it’s useful.

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