Safer Internet Week

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all learning lots about how to stay safe online in class this week (and every week). Here is a video our fabulous Reps created and they are going to be making more. Well done Reps – I thought they did a great job and you can see how they made good use of iMovie. What do you think and do you have anything about online safety that they could help you with?


iMovie – Lesson 2 2021


A Brilliant Poster About Kindness


  1. When I go into Kidle it or a dictionary online, it always asks me for cookies but I don’t know how to take them out on the settings. Can you do a post on how to take them off if you know how? Thank you and have a nice day! 😎😎😎

    • caxtoncollege

      Hi Nicole. Most of the time cookies are fine to allow. It is mostly when you are buying things online that they may be a little problem (airline companies apparently use them to increase the price, the more you look at a flight as they know you are interested in that flight…), but usually, they are ok to have. I’ll check it out and maybe do a little video. They can fill up your storage a bit though.

  2. Olivia t

    It was very interesting 🧐 🧐🧐. I’ve been learning something new!!!! Congratulations 🎈 reps I love it.

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