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Cracking Christmas Advertisements Pt 1

I’m going to be posting some of my favourite Xmas TV adverts from the recent past. Here are the first few. Let me know what you think about them please.

Christmas Saxomachine Fun

Hi there, here is a bit of fun from Mr Taylor. Watch it and maybe see if you can answer any of the questions from his quiz below.

1. How many instruments can you hear?
2. Can you name them all?
3. What genre of music is this?
4. What type of saxophone am I playing?
5. Name another saxophonist?
6. Favorite Christmas song?
7. Worst Christmas song?
8. Who sang the original song?
Mr T

Delightful Decorations!!!

Here is the first entry – well done Isabel in Ms  Sadler’s class. It’s fantastic!

I can’t wait to see more.



Christmas Competition!

Well, now the wonderful Y6 Reps have decorated the tree so expertly (the best ever I think)., we can have a little competition to create decorations for the top. There is a star there now, but can you get creative at Christmas and make something festive to put on top? The best ones will be put on the tree and you will receive a purple form! It could be another star, an angel, snowman, Santa, snowflake,  anything Christmassy really… Come on you artists!

So, make it at home and send a photo into the Google Drive folder – Work for the Blog. You can use it for your own home and the winner can go on top of our tree in the last week (after being quarantined of course…)


Ho Ho Ho! It’s December!!!

Here are the wonderful Y6 Reps decorating the tree, we had such a festive time! We even had a little visitor beforehand (check out the bottom photo – can you spot it?).  Tell us what is your favourite thing about Christmas? Mine is spending lots of lovely time with my family in England (and eating yummy food at the same time…).


Don’t Forget Your Odd Socks Tomorrow!!!


Thank you Nicole for the riddle the other day. I love them, so let’s have a page for riddles… Here’s my first one. They are difficult for children whose first language isn’t English – but persevere. It doesn’t matter if you get the answer wrong, as long as you try…

What can you hold without touching it?

Happy World Kindness Day!!!

“Happiness is the new rich, Inner peace is the new success, health is the new wealth, KINDNESS is the new cool”  Syed Balkhi

I love this video!!! It really is a guide of how to live your life in the best way possible. We played it in the SEALs assembly, but it may have been a bit jerky when presenting it in Meet. What do you think? Have you been kind today? Have a splendid weekend and take good care of yourself.


As you may have noticed there are a number of different eggs around the school at the moment. These are the stimulus for the Writing competition.
You can write about:
– Where the egg came from?
– How did their character come to own the egg/ who they belong to?
– What special powers do they have/ What is inside them?
– What can they be used for? Do they hold the key to saving/ destroying the world?
Come on, get creative. Remember – 100 words or less. It’s all about quality, not quantity!!! The best of luck!


What does friendship mean to you? Let me know your thoughts. Well done in the assembly by the way. I will share the videos on her soon.

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