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Pyonkee Mini Lesson – Stopping the Score From Continually Adding

Pyonkee Mini-Lesson – Adding Sound

Y5 Pyonkee Mini Lesson – Creating a Timer

Earth Hour

Here is a message from Ms Robleh, who organises the Eco Warriors.

Earth Hour is nearly here and we have been busy in primary getting ready to celebrate. This year Earth Hour will be celebrated by millions around the world switching off their lights on Saturday, 27th March, at 8:30pm.

Earth Hour is more than just the hour however, it’s an opportunity to drive awareness and conversations about the most pressing problems our planet faces and to call for urgent action. This year the focus is on nature loss and climate change, as a recent study has found that since 1970 wild populations have plummeted by 68%, which will have disastrous effects not just for wildlife but for people and the planet too. 

So in school we have been raising awareness of the issues through an online Earth Hour Assembly, children have been thinking of promises they can make to the planet beyond Earth Hour, the eco warriors have been looking at the affects on specific animals and creating shadow puppet shows, as well as featuring their promises in the assembly to inspire others. In addition, Year 4 has been learning about electricity and the importance of reducing our consumption and have created some wonderful posters to promote Earth Hour around the school. Of these, we picked the best (a very difficult decision) to promote Earth Hour on the school’s social media platforms. The winning poster was by Paula, Carlota, Carolina and Carmen from 4D (see below). Finally, on Friday the school will have its own special Earth Hour whereby we will be switching off our lights for an hour between 15:30 and 16:30. During this hour the eco warriors will be performing their shadow puppet shows and classes will be taking the opportunity to learn, have fun and get creative all around themes related to nature and the environment. 

We hope that you will join us too, by switching off your lights at 8:30pm this Saturday. For exciting ideas of what to do during the hour why not take a look at the website

Warm regards

Eco Warrior Team

Y5 Pyonkee Lesson 5 – Creating a Score

Y5 Lesson 4 – Gliding Sprites

Y5 Lesson 3 Chasing Sprites

Eco Warrior Message

Here is a very important message  fro Mariia. Please read and let me know your thoughts.

Very well done Mariia.

Congratulations Y6!!!

Well done for all your amazing movies. A special congratulations to everyone who won one.  Please don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t win one, it was incredibly difficult to pick the winners as the standard was so, so high. You have learnt lots of new skills that you can use in the future and we hope you had fun on the day and when making them.

The ‘real’ Oscars will be online too this year – on the 25th of April, so you may want to check that out.

Please let us know what you enjoyed about making the movies and the day of the celebration?  Which film do you think was the most effective. I know I learnt a lot from your very informative and entertaining documentaries. Congratulations!

Y5 Pyonkee Lesson 2

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