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World Teacher Day

Hi all,

As you know, yesterday was when we all said thank you to all the teachers in school. Here is the lovely video (click on the Drive link below in red) some of you made to fill all the teachers’ buckets. Thank you very much!

And here is the one for the whole school (including Secondary).


Not Long Now!!!

Hi everyone,

We hope you have all had a fantastic summer! The holidays are coming to an end and we are all looking forward to seeing you all so, so much in a few weeks!!!

Please let me know what you’re looking forward to when you come back to school.


A Short Book For Storytime

Feel Good Friday – It’s Summer!!!

The Final Chapter and It’s Friday!!!

Penultimate Chapter…

What’s going to happen…

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 22 & 23

More Outstanding Y6 Writing – Lucas B

Here is some absolutely splendid writing from the Writers Club. It may be a little difficult for non-native English speaker to ‘get’ it all, as it is absolutely oozing with figurative language;  imagery, personification, metaphors, smilies, onomatopoeia, alliteration…  See if you can work out what it is about, possibly discrimination and intolerance?

Very well done Lucas – your writing always astounds me!

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 20 & 21

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 19

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