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Y5 3D Design Mini Project

Hi everyone,

I know you are all still on the trip – however here is the next video about how to design a fidget spinner. The best designs get printed and remember you can use the account details for Tinkercad at home. It does work on your iPad, but I think it’s easier to use on a PC or Mac.

Gooooood Morning! I Wonder How Much They Slept Last Night…

More Photos From Y5

It looks like so much fun!


Y5 Trip – Photos

Everyone is having a wonderful time. Here are some photos and I’ll post more as I receive them.

The End of Another Fantastic Y6 Trip!

A huge thank you and congratulations to Team Y6. Your hard work is really appreciated.

Beach Time!!!

Even More Fun…

More Fun…

Fun in the Sun!


We’ve had a few technical issues with uploading photos – but here are lots now!

More Photos From The Trip.

We’ll add more as they come in.

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