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So, remarkable writers, what’s in the chest?

Here is an amazing story to get us started. Well done Ines – it’s fantastic and I will give you a purple form tomorrow. I hope it encourages you all to have a go!

By: Ines A year 6c.


Once there was a little girl called Bill and amazingly she didn’t fear anything in the whole wide world. She was 11 years old,  had beautiful brown eyes, ginger hair and she loved going in the stables with his horse called Stone. Stone was all brown with shining hair and he had a very soft skin. Bill had two brothers called Harry and Jack. Harry was the biggest, he had blond nearly brown hair, he had brown eyes and liked dancing. Jack was the littlest  one. He had blond hair, brown eyes and liked playing basketball and swimming. Her parents were called Mary and George. Mary had brown hair and she wore glasses. She had brown eyes and she liked being organized. Her father had blond hair and greeny blue eyes.

One night, while everybody was asleep, Bill heard a noise coming from the road. She thought, “Who could be out at this time?”. Then she heard her horse neighing. He had sensed something was wrong. Bill quickly ran over to the stables with a coat and a gigantic warm scarf that covered all her neck and a bit of her face. When Stone saw her he trotted up to her and searched for food but there was none.

Bill, guessing what he wanted, rushed to the stable keeper and bought some carrots. While Stone was noisily eating the carrots Bill heard a voice from outside saying,“ You’re lucky we haven’t killed you.” Bill was terrified. Stone must have heard it too because he started going to his favorite corner of the enormous stable nervously where all the piles of wood were. Without thinking, Bill rode Stone to the road outside to see what was happening.

She saw a boy tied to a piece of gate crying desperately for help. Bill walked to the boy and asked, “ Are you alright ?”

“No.” The boy sobbed.

“What happened?” asked Bill at the same time she untied the rope.

“They’re pirates. I thought they were my friends. They betrayed me. Now they’re going to kill me!” Bill didn’t understand what had happened. Was the man that had spoken and tied him a pirate? “My name is John. “ said the boy.  

“My name is Bill.” she replied. John, explained what had happened.

By the end of the explanation Bill was amazed. Did pirates exist? She helped John and he pointed to the beach. Bill didn’t know what he meant and saw a pirate ship. Bill hopped on Stone’s back and helped John climb up too.

They soon came to a giant ship which was ready to leave. John showed her a secret door to enter the ship. Unfortunately Stone didn’t fit, so Bill gave him a hug and spoke seriously, “ Go back to the stables and stay there until I come back.” Stone knew she wasn’t joking, so he trotted away and disappeared.

John and Bill entered the ship and found themselves in the boat basement. They looked around and saw dusty boxes with a some letters like this: øûįęç$@&#*. John managed to translate the words and he saw it meant DO NOT TOUCH!!!!. Well that is strange thought Bill.

Suddenly she heard someone talking. Then she saw a foot entering the basement. John pulled Bill to some boxes behind them to hide. Two men entered the basement with a beautiful chest covered in gold. The first man was so thin Bill thought she could see his bones. He had a royal uniform with a glamorous hat and the uniform was covered in metallic gold, Bill guessed he was the captain. By his face you could tell he was very young for a pirate, he was only 20 years old. The second man had a fat stomach and he had a sandwich which he was holding with his mouth nearly eating it. John guessed he was 30 or 40 years old. He wore a uniform similar to the first one, but not so glamorous.They left  the chest on the floor and the captain muttered,“ Here they can’t stop me from killing her.” Killing who wondered Bill? At the same time the captain and the worker left the ship’s basement.

Bill suddenly had a crazy idea that she thought she would never do, she would see what’s inside of the chest! “Why don’t we look inside the chest?” asked Bill dying to know what was inside.

“We have to do it very silently. Otherwise we could be discovered,” replied John. “Okay!” agreed Bill. ” I’ll go to turn off the cameras and you go and move the chest over here. Wait for me because if you don’t know the combination lock the alarms will ring.” John whispered. While John was turning off the cameras, Bill did as she was told, she pulled and pushed until she managed to bring it in the hiding place. John came back and did the combination. Bill thought he would get it wrong, but surprisingly he didn’t. The code was 0000. “The pirates are very good fighters, however they are not at all creative or intelligent,” John said quickly wishing to see what was inside.

When they opened the chest, they saw gold, rings, necklaces and a lot of money. Bill didn’t understand anything. Who were the pirates going to kill instead?

Afterwards, they heard a cry that sounded like a baby. Surprised, John and Bill removed, as fast as the wind, all the coins and gold. Suddenly they saw a little figure, it was a baby! Bill gasped. What a horrible thing to do to a baby! “The baby must be  1 or 2 years old,” thought John. Fortunately they could get her away by the secret door. The little baby gripped Bill’s hand. It was amazing! Bill could tell the baby liked her. When Bill turned around, she saw John putting back all the jewels and gold and money. “Great job!” John exclaimed. They quickly put the chest back on its place and creeped out the little door.

“Maybe we should call her Amy or Amber, they are wonderful names!” explained Bill.

“I think we should definitely call her Amy.” agreed John.

They ran on the sand and hid behind a tree. John and Bill waited patently until the ship had gone and then they walked silently to the stables to meet Stone. “Is Stone okay?” Bill asked herself, “Has anything happened to her? I hope Stone is okay.” Bill whispered.

In a few minutes they reached the stables. Bill ran too see Stone and there he was eating carrots! Bill presented Amy to Stone. Gently, Stone licked her.

“Where are you going to go now?” asked Bill to John. “Maybe you could live with us if my parents agree.” Bill said confidently.

“I suppose I have nowhere to go, so maybe I could stay with you!” John agreed. The baby let out a laughing sound of happiness. She wanted to stay too. After a while Amy started crying because she was hungry. Stone got a carrot with his mouth and put it gently in Amy’s teeth. Amy started chewing exactly like Stone. John and Bill agreed to go to Bill’s house with Amy and Stone. “They must be worried,” added John.

They returned to Bill’s house on Stone’s back. Bill liked to be home again. After a long talk with her family, Mary and George let John and Amy live with them. Wasn’t it amazing! After that, the police came and we explained what had happened. They searched for the ship and they arrested the pirates and put them in the strongest prison in the country what’re no one could escape.

Wonderful story Ines. You’re a star!


Here is another fantastic story from Anna in 6B that was on the other page.

This story is really scary, so if you have a heart attack it’s not my problem I warned you.
It all started when mum told us that we were going trick or treating. Every year mum makes us go trick or treating, however we always have a good excuse . This years excuse was we don’t have a costume, but mum replied, “Well, it doesn’t matter any more because here are your costumes.”

“But mum my friends …” I started saying ,I was going to finish the sentence when mum rolled her eyes at me and gave me the icy stare . I hate when she does that!

When mum disappeared into the kitchen Nikki yelled at me, ” Way to go Ben now were stuck tread or treating for two whole hours!”

The first half an hour was pretty fun, but when we came to the last house of the street I started to panic. That house was Mac Maniacs! It was the scariest the spookiest house in the street. The legend said that if you enter that house, then Mac Maniacs ghost will get you and kill you .I didn’t want to go there but my sister laughed at me and said, ” Ooh you are such a baby, do you want to go and cry on mummies hand?

” What ?? Now way, I’m going there and then will see whose the baby.” I replied. My little brother was even more scared than me. I rang the doorbell, but nobody opened, I rang again and again . The doors opened themselves.

We entered into the house . The hall was completely covered in spider webs. Next room was the living room it, was even more scarier than the hall, it was all covered in spider webs and the furniture was covered in white blanket. Suddenly, l heard a whispering voice “I’m coming for you … be aware…” and then the voice suddenly stopped . We just looked at each author and…Ran!!!!!!!

We ran upstairs and into a creepy room that was all the furniture was covered in white blankets except one thing. A mirror. The edges were covered in gold and the glass was crystal white . “Hey guys,”I blurted out, “Come and check this out.”

“It’s some kind of writing,” my sister murmured suspiciously. It said:’When the sun is up your saved, but if you touch the seal you may not come out…’

“When the sun is up your saved, but if you touch the seal you may not come out!” I repeated.

“W-w-w what does it mean, we may not come out?” My brother cried.

“Hmmm … eureka we just need to stay until the sun comes out! Easy peasy it’s already day – lets go!” I said happily.

And that’s what happens when you mess with Mac Maniac.

Here are some more photos to get you all thinking. What could be happening? Make up a little story and post it here. Get creative and remember VCOP!

water-hat dancing-mice