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Feel Good Friday!!!

Hi – do you recognise this? It’s famous in the UK, not sure about Spain…

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 17

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 16

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 15

World Oceans Day

Hi everyone,

For this World Oceans Day the eco-warriors decided to focus on the issue of plastic pollution and the detrimental effect this is having on the ocean. As the poster states; every year 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean, which is equivalent to the weight of approximately 57,000 blue whales! This is killing 1.5 million sea animals and birds a year. So this World Oceans Day our message is to #StopPlasticPollution and say no to single-use plastics.

The Eco-Warriors made the poster below.

And here is a very emotive poem from Julia, an Eco-Warrior from Y4. I like her idea of doing it on a plastic bag… It really makes you think about how we can reduce our waste.

Storytime Online


I’m having a little trouble recording today’s Disgusting Dave – so I’ve posted this for now. It’s related – as it’s about bottoms… This website has lots of books read by actors, authors and even children, so have a look at this as you might like to use it over the summer holidays. I will post the next chapter as soon as I can.



World Environment Day – Kahoot


Here is a Kahoot that you may like to do.

Have fun!

Game PIN: 06948460


Hi everyone,

Time for Nature.

Here is a fantastic video from Ms Robleh who organises the splendid Eco-Warriors. Please watch it. Your teacher should have a Kahoot quiz for you to do too, so please ask. The video also has in it my all-time favourite TV presenter and my hero really, David Attenborough, who has done so much to educate the world about the marvels of nature and highlighted the dangers of harming our amazing planet!

There is a link to a website with lots of information about the subject at the bottom of this page, it’s in Spanish, however, you can change the language on the toolbar at the top if you speak a different language.

There are fantastically practical tips in the video, small things that we can all do, to help our wonderful world. WE CAN DO IT!!!

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 14

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