Merry Christmas from the minions and me!


What do you think of this Christmas video?


Hello from the BETT Technology Fair – London. It’s the largest technology for education show in the world!


  1. Carla6-c

    It’s very funny.

  2. Marina year 6C

    It is so funny that I’ll show it to my mum.

  3. Arantxa

    I couldn´t stop laughing.

  4. Rocio 6D rep

    They are so funny and (SO CUTE! )

  5. Lucia 6c

    I showed my brothers and they thought it was hilarious!

  6. Maria A 6C

    So funny!!!😋
    I really loved it!😉
    Even showed it to my mum, it was hilarious!!!😄

  7. Daniel-y5a

    How funny I love it

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