We want to decorate the ICT suite with your art work. Why not make a poster about any aspect of technology and we can make it larger and decorate the suite with it? It can be digital or traditional art – it’s up to you. Just think how great it would be to have your art work permanently on the walls… You can hand in paper/card posters to your teachers and I will make a folder in Google Drive for digital ones.





Y6 – Reviewing Use of Windows and Word.


  1. Ekaterina 6B

    It a good idea Mr Fraser,I already did one lovely poster in PicColage!

  2. Belen 6C

    I have a poster and I´m going to send it to Miss Thompson

  3. Luisa 6b

    I’m looking forward to do one,I have brilliant ideas to put them on the poster!!

  4. Christian

    Do we put it on a paper and give it to my teacher ? I hope I win I’m leaving in December

    • Have you already done it? If so, give it to your teacher. If not, the hand-in date has already passed, so it’s too late really. Please keep in touch when you leave school. Where are you going to?

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