Using Word and Windows 2

Hi everyone in Y6,

The video below has more tips about how to use Word and Windows. It is 25 minutes long – so you might want to watch it in two sessions. Why don’t you have it on your iPad and try to do the same kind of activity on a PC, that’s if you have access to a PC. Pause the video and ‘have a go’, it’s the best way to learn. Don’t forget to watch the previous video too – it’s only 5 mins long.

You can make comments, ask questions or request tutorial videos on here too.

Good luck

PS. Did you enjoy the science activity we did in the resources room? If so, why? Remember to use full sentences and punctuation.


Y6 – Reviewing Use of Windows and Word.


Competition! Come on Caxton – let’s have some more posters and ideas for a new name for the ICT suite.


  1. Carla E 6a

    Thank you Mr Fraser for showing me new things that I didn’t know on the computer.
    Carla E 6a

  2. Carla 6a

    Have a good weekend Mr Fraser , I hope that your nephew improves.

  3. Thanks for the video, I learnt new things about the computer. I am happy that we make You positive, Mr Fraser. Good Bye.

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