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Hi everyone

As we are creating our own Scratch videogame in Computing based on the labyrinth legend, I though the Y5s might want to post some stories about anything with an ancient Greek theme. Come on, please send me some fantastic stories! Y6s could also send some if they want to.



Here is a story from Evan – hope you like it.


The Kingdom on the Rock


Cracking Caxton’s Got Talent!!!




  1. Evan5B

    Here is a myth, Mr. Fraser. It is kind of the continued story of Adromilius, the other myth I wrote about.
    Once, long, long ago, there was a beutiful princess, but she was one of the fastest people in Ancient Greece. She was an excellent huntress, but had been cursed by the Gods, because of the rudeness of her father, to never be able to kill an animal. Could she wound one? Yes. Kill one? No. So because of this, she always had to go hunting with others.

    One day, she caught the eye of a handsome prince, who was vain and arrogant. He proposed to the the princess, whose name was Angelica, but she refused to marry him. He came back the next day, and tried again. She refused. He continued on like this, until finally Angelica said: “I will only marry someone who will go to Thrace, to the palace of King Diomedes, kill his boar, and bring me one of it’s tusks.” So there it was. The challenge for the princesses’s hand had begun.

    King Diomedes was a terrible man, who had killed his way to the throne, and had been cursed by Zeus for his cruelty. Zeus had sent a great, man-eating boar down to Thrace, and it wrecked havoc for a long time, before Diomedes maneged to captured it, and keep it as a threat. Many tried the challenge, but none returned. This news eventually reached the ears of a man who lived close to Thrace, in a town called Bachus. He was poor, but he wanted a chance at the princesses’s hand, so off he went. Adromilius, (for that was his name) set off, just as he had done 7 years earlier, when he had killed the beast Terogus, and stolen the Staff of Calophorus from King Acarium.

    When he reached Thrace, he came to the palace of King Diomedes, and told him the situation. Diomedes grinned. “That can be arranged.” Adromilius was stripped of his weapons, and thrown into the huge boar pen. The boar was gigantic. Adromilius had no weapons. He did’nt stand a chance. The boar charged, and Adromilius leaped out of the way, just as he had done, when he had dodged Terogus. The boar charged again, and this time Adromilius leaped onto his face, and grabbed onto his giant tusk. Then he saw it. A rope. On the fence. he leaped off the great boar, and running with all his might, he grabbed the rope, and leaped back on the boar. He quickly tied one end of the rope to the boar’s tusk. He threw the other end around the hook the rope had been hanging from. The boar kept charging, and eventually the rope went taut. The boar roared, and there was a great crack as one of it’s tusks fell off, just as the rope broke. Immediately, the boar charged, right into the tusk. There was a loud THUMP as the boar hit the ground. He was dead.

    After a lot of bloodshed, Adromilius fled Thrace in a stolen chariot, the tusk in there, with him. After 5 days, Adromilius got to the city-state where Angelia lived, and the two turned out to be perfect for each other. It was a beutiful wedding, and the couple were both very happy. But they would not always be…


  2. Also, you follow advice really well as you are using paragraphs better now. I like how it is linked to your previous story and can’t wait for the next one!!! Keep up you brilliant work.

    Can anyone else write a wonderful story about ancient Greece? Don’t worry if it isn’t as long and complex as Evan’s – just have a go!

  3. MiguelF5c

    It is brilliant Evan❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  4. MiguelF5c

    Fantastic Evan👏👏👏👏

  5. It is brilliant Evan👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Dani

    Wow Evan I liked a lot the story an the thing I most like is the thing from

    It’s fantastic 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😄😄😄😄
    I wish I could write like you

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