IPad Training in England


I’m on a course in the UK, I thought I’d share a photo of the place I am staying.


I’m getting some fantastic ideas for the Oscars project next year and have found some great apps for the teachers to use.



Interesting and Creative Cartoon


The Wonders of Space!!!


  1. Rodolfo-6d

    Wow ,
    It’s very cool that Lego…and funny!
    Could you tell me some apps? ,We have finished the movies but I still make movies with friends.

    • Yes, I will make a video showing some of them and post them here. I’m glad you are still making your own films Rodolfo. I have found a camera that films 360 degrees that I would love to buy!

  2. Rodolfo-6d

    It’s so cool

  3. Lucia P5️⃣C👧🏽

    That photo of you Mr Fraser is superb
    Really cool at England

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