Which Book Character Would You Love To Be?


So, which character from a book would you absolutely love to be? Surprisingly, Mr Pickford and I had the same choice – a hobbit. Well, perhaps it isn’t that surprising as it’s an amazing book that really grabs the reader, a real page turner! My fondest memory of being at primary school was when my Y6 teacher used to read The Hobbit to the class at the end of the day. I was absorbed into a magical world of goblins, dwarves and dragons.  Looking back, I think it was the book that really sparked my love of reading. For me, probably the finest feeling in the world is to be gripped by a thrilling story and want to read on and on and on…

Right then, who would you love to be and why? Remember to use high quality English and to write expanded sentences, including all the best features of VCOP. A purple for for the best answers.

PS I would thrilled if some teachers responded too.


Roald Dahl…


Hello From the U.S.A.


  1. Sorcha Kildea

    Dear Bloggers,

    When I was in Year 6, I desperately wanted to be the character in a book called ´My Friend Flicka´. I adore horses and therefore this story grabbed me from the very beginning as it was about a young boy who lived on a horse ranch. This young boy, Ken, wasn´t doing very well in school, in fact he angered his father immensely by returning home from boarding school with failing grades and having to repeat fifth grade.
    Eventually his Mum convinced Dad to give Ken a colt, saying it would give him something to work towards, improve himself and his sense of responsibility. Ken was unable to decide which yearling he wanted until he saw a beautiful filly (Flicka) running swiftly away from him.
    Once again, he angered his Dad as he chose the wildest horse from the group.
    The story continues with Ken proving himself through hard work and determination, to train Flicka from a wild filly, into a beautiful, friendly horse.
    Telling you about it now, I think I´ll try to find it again in Spanish. I´ll enjoying reading it and improve my Spanish at the same time!
    Happy reading everyone!
    Ms Kildea

  2. Elena G

    I would like to be a balerina the book is called
    Ella Bella ballerina and the sleeping beauty.

  3. Nacho B

    I would love to be Harry Potter because I love his films and books.

  4. Rebeca Y-6B

    I would love to be Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because he owns a humongous factory filled with sweet delicious chocolate. I would have loads of spectacular friends called the Oompa-loompas. I also love his amazing suit.

  5. Salome

    Hi, I will like to be Matilda because she is very cheeky and likes to read a lot.

  6. Lucas yr6A

    He did not start writing for children until he had children of his own.

    • I didn’t know that. Thanks for this interesting information Lucas – it’s always good to learn new things. I suppose it makes sense really, as I would imagine he first wrote them for his own children to read.

  7. Helena 6A

    I would to be Tea from the Tea Stilton books.

  8. Blanca C

    I would like to be a super woman.

  9. Laura 6C

    I would like to by an umpa lumpa from Charlie and the chocolate factory because they are very cute and funny!!

  10. Alejandro G Yr-6B

    I would like to be Wally
    I will travel around the would

    Alejandro G Yr-6B 😀

  11. Raúl

    I would like to be a character called Arx Diplodocus from the book The Space Ghosts😋

  12. Lucía P 6C

    Hi! I would love to be Wonder Woman, because she saves people from danger😋


  13. Ines

    I would like to be Willy Wonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory because I would own all the chocolate factory, and I also like chocolate.

  14. Marta 5C

    I would like to be an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the chocolate Factory because they are funny and interesting characters.

  15. Lucas P. 5C


  16. Nuria B 5A

    I love 2 characters one is Junie.B Jones and the other Horrid Henry

  17. Nuria B 5A

    I would like to be Junie.B Jones and Horrid Henry.

  18. Curro R

    I thought the video was very funny because little red riding hood shot the wolf with a gun.

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