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Remember some of the amazingly descriptive, creative and entertaining writing that lots of you did last year (look back to last year’s posts – especially Evan’s)? Well, now it’s time to get writing again. Purple forms to the best ones.  Make up a little story, thinking about using VCOP, and post it here. The more creative, the better! Here are two animal based pictures. The first one is real, however the second one clearly photoshopped.

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  1. Elena G

    I love the guinipigs they are so funny and cute

  2. Elena G

    One day the 2 guinea pigs wanted to know who was the fastest to get to the park. The brown guinea pig said, “The fastest one can go 1 week to the beach and the loser had to be his slave for whole the week.
    So they did the race, who do you think is going to win?????
    Elena -6A

  3. Ethan P

    It was a normal day in Guinea Pig Land. The sky was blue, the cars beeping in the usual morning traffic. But there was one special event. Six guinea pigs were trying to earn there talent mark. You see a guinea pig’s talent mark is the line stretching from their neck down to the bottom of there backs. Every single one is different. For example there are music marks, cooking marks, math marks etc. Today the six guinea pigs I mentioned were going to try and earn there mark for speed.

    “Hey Jake come here.” John yelled.

    “What for?” Jake replied.

    “They’re starting!” Said John. They were getting in line for the race. You had to earn your talent mark. You can’t just paint one on and say “I got it.” No you have to find your true talent and it would magically appear. Some say it feels great, others say it’s the most incredible part of your life. Everybody has to have one because everyone has a special talent! ” Jake hurry, the race is starting!” John yelled one last time.

    ” Hey losers. Are you ready to eat our dust.” Braggy Bill and his gang said to John and Jake.

    “For your information that will be the other way around. Now stop bothering us.” John said bravely. John would always stand up for others.

    ” On your marks get set, GO!” announced the director of the run. They all bolted off. First, came the zig-zag. They had to dodge all the obstacles. Bill’s gang arrived first dodging the obstacles like it was no work at all. Jake and John struggled a bit, but made it through. Next came the ‘up, up, up’. You had to jump on the right platforms and reach the top then do the same thing, but going down. One of the guys in the gang fell off and got stuck. While Bill just kept going on. Jake and John were close behind.

    Afterwards came the sprint. They had to sprint to the end of the track. John was even with Bill and Jake was up front. But, just at that moment Bill tripped John and he fell down hard. Bill laughed and sped away. Jake was in front only 50 metres from the finish line. But first he had to jump over the hurdles.Suddenly he stopped, and Bill past him and Jake went back to help John. He helped him up and they finished the race together.

    Bill’s gang just crossed the finish line, but nothing happened. No talent marks – no nothing. Not even an applause for being first. Jake and John crossed the finish line just a while later. Then John asked Jake, “When did you get that mark” asked John curiously.

    ” When did you get your mark John.” Jake answered.

    “What, we have marks? Yayyyyyyy!” They yelled together. The director came over and said they weren’t running and jumping marks. They were different.

    “Jake your mark is for showing respect and being kind. Your mark John is for bravery,” the director told them.

    Well they didn’t get what they hoped for, but they got something better. They were now friends!

    Ethan P 6B

    • What an amazing story Ethan!!! I absolutely loved it. Very fitting too, considering the next value we are focusing on is respect. A well deserved purple form to you. Just remember that you need to use NSNL (new speaker – new line) when writing dialogue. Let’s hope this will inspire more children to write entertaining and descriptive stories… Who is up for the challenge?

    • Mrs Fraser

      Wow Ethan what a wonderful piece of creative writing! I love it! Have you met our Early Years guineapigs Bubble and Squeek? If you’d like to meet them, and even have a cuddle, let me or Mr Fraser know, you’re very welcome.
      Mrs Fraser

  4. Sorcha Kildea

    We are very proud of you Ethan.
    Fantastic work!
    From 6B and Ms Kildea

  5. Paula M-6B

    Every day, in lizard village, a lizard was born and they were nearly all the same, green with little spots. But one day two lizards were born at the same time and together… they where twins!!!!

    Unfortunately, they where rude to each other, always calling each other names, hitting each other…
    But one day they where going to gather in the park to sing, but not the same song.

    In the middle of the journey they needed to cross a long branch and…

    One of the lizards fell from the branch, but the other lizard didn’t hear her because she was singing, however after a second she realised no one was calling her names and with that ‘no one’ she meant her sister. So, she looked and she saw her sister hanging from the branch, so she ran to save here.

    So with that the two sisters realised that at the bottom of they heart’s they loved each other.

    By:Paula M Y-6B.

    • A fantastic little story, well done Paula. Have 2 Dojos from me! Please check to see if you can spot some of the small changes I’ve made with your grammar. Keep on blogging!

  6. Eva G

    It was a lovely day in school and it was sports day, therefore all the guinea pigs were ready. Elena’s teacher said, “Ready – get set go!” Every one fell except 2 guinea pigs ran as fast as they could. Oh no Pablo fell, but Alvaro stopped and kindly helped Pablo to stand up.

    After helping Pablo both said, “Ready, get set, go!” Pablo this time went fastest than Alvaro, Alvaro was very annoyed, so he did like if he fell on the floor, so Pablo stopped and helped him. Theophrastus said “Ready… ” and Alvaro went off and cheated. Alvaro won the race, but only because he cheated.

    • A nice little story, well done Eva. Have 2 Dojos from me! Please check to see if you can spot some of the small changes I’ve made with your grammar and maybe try to improve your ending. It might be better if the cheater didn’t win!

  7. Mara

    One ordinary day the brother lizards called Peter and Wilf where playing a pirate game.

    They got two leaves and started to fight as if they were real pirates then Peter said
    “I’ll throw you down the plank!”

    “No you won’t, not if I get you first.” Wilf replied.

    Then they started to climb the boat (that really was a tree) then Wilf pushed Peter , Peter got really furious and pushed Wilf down the plank ( which was really a branch that was super high ).

    Luckily. the father was looking inside the house so he ran as fast as he could and was able to save him. And after that they lived happily ever after.

    • A great little story with a wide variety of punctuation used. Well done for using NSNL (new speaker – new line). Try using a little more suspense and tension to make it more interesting. Ask me in school and I’ll explain. Have 2 Dojos!

  8. Zak B

    In lizard land, two lizards went on a walk to the deadly forest of doom where they found themselves in big trouble.

    “Oh no,” said John, “that monster is giant – it’s probably going to eat us!”
    “No, we have to run! The big, bad cat is going to eat us if we don’t.”

    ´Meowwww… sssssss`

    “It’s coming closer… faster lets go…..”
    But it was too late, Carlos ran to fast and fell off the tree
    “Nooooooooooooooo,” said John.

    “Help! Help!”
    Then John ran as fast as he could so he could tell his family.

    That night he didn’t sleep he was thinking about Carlos …but then suddenly he heard a banging noise on his window. ‘Bang !Bang!’

    He opened the window and guess what? Carlos was there all wet and he had lots of scratches, his mother and father were horrified, but then he fell to the ground and…

    • Oh Zak, I like the suspense at the end. Well done. Please check how I changed your dialogue punctuation to improve it a little. Thanks for blogging and have 2 positive Dojos!

  9. One normal day a family of lizards were playing hide and seek, one of them decided to hide behind a branch, the other one was camouflaged on a stick.

    1, 2, 3, 4 … 100! Suddenly the lizard on the stick felt something… Oh no, a little child got the stick and threw it. A giant dog, that was playing with the child, dog picked it up with it’s mouth and …

  10. It was sunny, as always, in lizadies town, but nobody ever imagined that in this perfectly normal town the most strangest thing in the whole of history was going to happen.

    Shulcky was going from school when suddenly he saw that a tiny lizards as about to fall.

    “I must do something, ” he thought, “I can’t leave him here!He could fall and hurt himself.” So, he decided he would help that lizard. But how?

    He thought and he thought, but he couldn’t think of anything . And at that moment, he saw a plopdot plant (it’s like a rope,but it’s a plant .) He got the plopdot plant and attached it to a rock .Then he threw the rope so that the tiny lizard could get it .

    “Get the rope! ” Shulcky shouted. The tiny lizard got the rope and Shulcky stretched and stretched and amazingly he saved the tiny lizard.

    “Ooh thank you, thank you, you saved my life, “said the tiny lizard.

    “You’re very welcome and what’s your name?”

    “Benjamin,” Benjamin said.

    “Benjamin, let be friends!” And so, they became best friends and had lots of adventures.
    But that’s another story…

    • I love how you started this short story Anna! Try to think of some alternatives for ‘said’ and make sure you use NSNL throughout the story. Have 3 well deserved positive Dojos.

  11. alba 6B

    It was a fantastic day at Guinea sports and 2 prankish Guinea pig leaders decided to have a race. It was Tironto Bulls and Lion Train. The leader of Tironto Bulls was Shoana and the leader of Lion Train was Jack. They were enemies and the leaders decided to have a race.

    At 11:30 the 2 whole teams were at Guinea Gimnastic. Jack started to tease by saying things like, “Get ready to lose losers!” or “Tironto Bulls, why not Tironto BUGS?” and even more things. But Tironto Bulls just ignored him. Really they were really, but really even more than that, real enemies.

    “I’m referee Tragond and I advise that the leaders check if any runner is not here and if there is everyone here please go to your own place!” warned Tragond.

    “I think they are going to their place.” teased Jack

    “Can you stop, you are annoying!” yelled a rabbit from Tironto Bulls.

    “And mates do YOU know what’s their place?” Jack continued.

    “Jack please!” cried the rabbit.

    “It’s their house because they are going to lose, so don’t worry you can go now and if you don’t want to just don’t worry, we will win anyway!” announced Jack.

    “Ready…steady…go!” announced the referee. At that moment one from each team started running, as if a lion was chasing them…

    • Fantastic ideas and a cracking simile at the end. Well done for using NSNL. Can you think of a problem and then a resolution for your story? I’m sure you can, I’d love to read it if you do. Have 3 Dojos Alba.

  12. A normal day, when the sun was shining like always, two lizards Bob and Lara were playing hide and seek when an enormous body came to their forest, it was extremely ugly! Then they realised it was a child.
    However, they didn’t know his name, but they guessed it was Javier because his mother was shouting it all the time. So, in a quick movement the two lizards hid themselves, camouflaging like leaves because like that he wouldn’t be able see them. But…
    Javier fell to the ground and it trembled, so Lara nearly fell, but strong Bob saved her life by grabbing hold of here just in time. Then Lara realised that she loved Bob. So they married and live happily ever after!

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