Family Resemblance – Y6 Science.

Hi all,

In science, Y6 are learning about species, evolution and family resemblance.

Here are some photos:


archivo_002 archivo_003 archivo_004 archivo_005 domimg_0662

Lucas and his mum; Rebeca and her mum; Sophia (in Rec C), her mum and grandmother; Pablo and Luis; and Maria and Pedro. Can you see the family resemblance? Do you really look like someone else in your family?

However, what about the black and white photo? One of the twins works at Caxton… but who is it? Please post your ideas and reasons why.

PS Have you noticed that I haven’t used anyones family name? We need to be a safe as possible when online… Also, I’ve tried to use semicolons in a list, hopefully successfully, but it isn’t easy.


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  1. Sorcha Kildea

    A huge thank you to all those who took part. We had lots of fun discussing family resemblances from visitors, or from photos.

  2. I think is Mr Hugh, in the primary office.

  3. They’re me and my brother !!!!

  4. I think that black and white photo is Amparo Gil.

  5. Eva G

    I think the twin is the boy and I think is Mr. Pain

  6. Miguel6C

    I think the black and white photo is Mr Payne

  7. Silvia 6D

    I think the foto in black and white is Mr. Payne and his sister

  8. Lucas S

    I think the girl is Emma.

  9. Ethan P

    I think the photo in black and white is Mr. Payne.

  10. Noelia6D

    I know the answer, is Mr Payne and her sister when they were little!!🙀

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