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We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are refreshed and ready to do lots of work and have fun at the same time. Two exciting projects that we will be doing this term are the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ movie making topic in Y6 and the Lego Robotics and Scratch game making project in Y5. Below is a video about what the Y6s did in computing last term and the Y5s will be doing something similar. We hope you have lots of fun!!!

brody-oscar-whiteness-machine-1200 wedo

Collaborative Learning in Y6


Christmas at Caxton


Y5 WeDo Robotics at Caxton – Week 1


  1. Elena

    Hello Mr Fraser, can you post some videos about how to use iMovie for the oscars please, because I couldn’t go to school that day? 😀

    Elena G Y-6A

    • Yup – I will put the video that we looked at in the AV room – with old, silent movies etc. Also, I will be doing some lessons next week about how to use iMovie.

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