Digital Learning Competition!!!

Hi everyone,

I have decided on the winners of the competition. It was an incredibly difficult decision as there were lots of great entries and you should be proud of your work. Everyone, who entered, has received a purple form and they can come and help out in the Techno Zone with the Techno Teams when they come down to work on new technology every now and then.

However, the winners are:

Alvaro in 6D for his fantastic Lego stop/start animation, which must have taken lots of patience and perseverance.

Carlos in 5D for 2 entertaining games he created using the Hopscotch app.

Raphy in 5C for creating 2 iMovies, showing lots of enthusiasm and interest.

Nuria in 5A for interestingly  creating an instructional Keynote on how to make Keynotes (and for trying to use Prezi for presentations). There were lots of fabulous Keynotes, I especially liked the one about Liverpool, but I gave it to Nuria as it was very educational.

Claudia, Lorena and Blanca for an iMovie about Juliane Koepcke, who they had been learning about in their rain forest topic this term. There was lots of effort put into it and some great editing.

As I said above, if the winners can’t come and help me with Minecraft, the 3D printer, the Microbits etc, then the other children who entered can come and investigate the new technology we have, but the children above have priority.

I would also like to give a massive thank you to  Y5C and Ms Shepherd – who also got a class purple form – as they had so many entries into the competition. Those children can definitely come and help me in the Techno Zone, they are so enthusiastic!

I will post these examples  very shortly.



Y5 Scratch Project


Next Weeks Y5 Scratch Video


  1. Ines 6C


  2. Ines 6C


  3. Laura 5B

    Congratulations!!!! For all the winners 🏆🏆🥇🥇

  4. Charlotte Brunt

    Well done 👍🏻

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