´All Different – All Equal` Week


Hi all,

As you all know, we are focusing on how we are all very different,  however each and every one of us is equal and should be treated the same. We are focusing on filling buckets and being kind to each other. Someone in assembly came up with a wonderful definition; ‘always treat others as you would like people to treat you’.  We think that sums it up perfectly…

Please check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Also, please post  what ever makes you unique.





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  1. Yago6B

    I do sword fighting

  2. Ian

    I love the book

  3. Carlos Ga Y6B

    I have a good football talent and that’s one of the things that make me special!

  4. Almudena 6B

    I’m a good friend and I smile all the time.

  5. Laura s Y6

    I make people laugh when they are crying

  6. Álvaro 6B

    My rare finger makes me special and unique

  7. Carlos GI 6B

    My hair

  8. Julia 6B

    What makes me unique is helping my sister whenever she gets nervous or annoyed.

  9. Laura a. Y6B

    I help people, and I’m really friendly with everone.

  10. Aitana 6B

    My SMILE

  11. My finger print.

  12. My finger print.

  13. Joan L.

    What makes me unique is that I am a very good climber.
    What makes me equal is that I go to this school.

  14. Martina 6B

    What makes me unique is making people laugh when they are not very happy.

  15. Laura a 6b

    I help people and I’m really friendly.

  16. Claudia 6B

    I make funny faces that people can’t do !

  17. Lorena 6B

    When people are sad I make them happy again

  18. Álvaro 6B

    My rare finger makes me special and unique.

  19. Martina 6B

    The movement that I make when I am walking or moving is different than someone else.

  20. Lucas 6B

    I like knowing new people.

  21. Maria 6B

    What makes me unique is that I make people laugh when they are sad or upset.

  22. Blanca6B

    My hair, my fingerprint and my body.

  23. Sara.R Y5A

    👧🏽What makes unique is my finger print and my DNA .👧🏽

  24. Alvaro G

    Alvaro G 6c

    My smile makes me unique

  25. Javier 6c

    What makes me unique it’s when I make my friends laugh.

  26. Carla 5C

    I am unique for my way of treating others respectfully and my singing voice that seems to cheer some people up when they are feeling down. 🙂

  27. Carlos L 6D

    I love to do Lego.I have got a room full of them.

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