Ho Ho Ho!!! Christmas Advertisements

Hi all,

It seems to be a tradition now to create lovely adverts at Christmas time in the UK. We’ve posted lots previously, but  totally missed the one starring Kevin the carrot last year… So, here’s last years and this years (plus a few more). Please comment on what you like about them, how you think the music or narrator  adds to the impact, how it makes you feel or any other positive thoughts you have about Christmas! Do you have similar ones in Spain (or whatever country you originate from)?  Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s one that actually isn’t the official advert – but I find it emotive and heart warming…


Robotics in Y6


Christmas at Caxton (well, with Y6C)


  1. For Christmas I will want a lot of presents

  2. Javier 6c

    I liked a lot these Christmas videos!

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