An Optical Illusion – Refraction of Light (bending)


Here’s a little video of an optical illusion from Malena,  Carlos, Lucas & Nuria in Y6A. It’s very interesting… but can you explain what is happening? Maybe a photo of a diagram or another video would explain it better (put it in the ‘Mr Fraser – work for the blog’ folder in Google Drive). A purple form for the best explanation!

Well done Malena,  Carlos, Lucas & Nuria!



Congratulations Carlos!


Y5 Scratch Project – Week 3 Backgrounds


  1. Julia 6B

    Wow! It’s amazing! I think they really persevered to do that amazing video and experiment.😊

    • caxtoncollege

      Thanks for your comment Julia. No wonder you get so many positive Dojos! Well done for another purple form.

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