Digital Learning Competition

Hi all,

As you hopefully know, the competition has been extended. Below is the prise for the best entry. It’s a BBC microbit and inventors kit!!! A microbit is basically a pocket sized PC that you can code on and the kit, that comes with it, helps you do lots of exciting  projects and experiments. You can use a micro USB or Bluetooth to connect it to other devises too.

As Charlie and Raphy created a wonderful, historical documentary – I want them to help me make a movie. And what’s so good about that? Well, we will use a new 360º camera that we have recently bought! I can’t wait. We can create fantastic 360º videos that can be viewed on an iPad or VR head set!!!


So, get creating!



Y6 Scratch – Creating and Coding a Target


Shooting Sprite and Adding a Background


  1. Carlos L 6D

    I have posted my entry on drive, work for the blog , i have coded some fireworks that had a surprise…

    • caxtoncollege

      I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Well done Carlos.

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