Have You Done a Random Act of Kindness?

What did you do today to fill buckets? Add a comment to let us know.



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  1. Fernando

    Today at wet play in my bag I had colorful papers and gave them to other children so they could draw or make what ever they wanted.

  2. Begoña 6C

    Begoña 6C
    Today my brother had a difficult and important exam and he was very nervous, so a cheered him and helped him studying.

    • caxtoncollege

      That’s wonderful Begoña. Small acts of kindness like this can have a massive, positive effect. I’m sure he really appreciated it. I hope he did well in his exams.

  3. Alex g

    I tried to help 2 dogs which were abandoned like giving them food , playing with them and petting them.
    In reception there was a boy who was lost and I helped him go to his class.

    • caxtoncollege

      That’s very kind of you Alex. It’s so sad when dogs are abandoned, but please make sure you are with an adult when you help them, as we wouldn’t want you to be hurt.

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