World Hello Day

Hi, can you name the languages below? Please post your answers and good luck. Just write them in the same order.


Happy World Hello Day – Hello, Hola, привет, Bonjour, 你好, Hallo, مرحبا, Γεια σας, Helló, Dia Duit, Ciao, もしもし, cześć, Olá, Helo

Thanks for your entries. Here are two that have been given to us on paper and there are quite a few in the comments. Do you agree with them?

This one is a communal effort from Y5B.

And here’s one from Alex in Y6D



The New Eco Warriors 2018/19


European Week for Waste Reduction


  1. Sara . R 6A

    English , Spanish , Russian , French , Chinese , German , Arabic , Greek , Icelandic , Irish Gaelic , Italian , Japonese , Polish , Portugese and Welsh.

  2. Sofia R

    English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Hindi, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, English.

  3. Fernando

    English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Arab, Greek, Hungarian, Gaelic, Italian, Japones, Polish, Portuguese, Somali

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