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Hi all,

Just have a look at some of the fabulous Y6 pupils reading some of their own wonderful writing to the Y3s! It looks like everyone had a splendid time.  Every Y6 pupil wrote a ‘lost’ chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then read it to a child in Y3! What a lovely idea!

Please post about the type of character and room you created Y6.

I will post some great examples of the writing later.


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  1. Carla 6C

    The type of character that I wrote is an amiable girl named Angelica Good. She enters the factory ( with her best friend Samantha ), to find herself at a room of what seemed like never- ending doors! Eventually, Willy Wonka reveals the door to: ‘The Candy Cane Forest.’ As you know from the title, the trees were made of candy canes. The remaining children explore the wonders of the magical room, but regret that they hadn’t listened to Willy Wonka’s warning…..

  2. Corey M.

    I love that kid he is so kind ❤️ And so funny.

  3. Rodrigo A

    Uf! Those stories were really hard work 😓. I was stuck at the beginning. When I was reading my stories to the children, they didn’t really listen but… They’re still small.

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