Kindness Challenge Over The Holidays

Hi, many of you will have done many acts of kindness over the Christmas holidays – so please tell us about them here. We should always try to be as kind and caring as we possibly can. Remember, it is infectious – so spread a smile!


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  1. Teresa5a

    My act was that I helped a teacher in barreira with little children and their pictures and my mum with my sisters skis.

  2. I helped to do the diner.

  3. Nicole5c

    I think that everyone should be kind and on Christmas you have to be extremely kind!

  4. Aisha5A

    Hi there it’s a little late but I did a lot of random acts of kindness like helping a teacher or my mum

    • caxtoncollege

      Aisha – that’s fantastic! It’s never too late for kindness!In fact this week is random acts of kindness week! Many thanks for your comment.

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